We Develop & Deliver Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs)

We have an extensive variety of products aimed at helping people fight the Covid-19 pandemic

We call them "Weapons of Mass Protection (WMPs)"

Inviting you to join our mission to fight Coronavirus and arm Owners & Managers
with Reopening Businesses Tools & Solutions

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WMP 1A - Corona Killer Hand Granade

WMP 1B - Soap

WMP 2A - Scarfs/Towels/Gamacha

WMP 2B - Modi Gamacha

WMP 2C - HAND CRAFTED Reusable Masks – Sterilised

WMP 3 - WalkThrough Disinfection Channels

WMP 4 - Masks & Respirators

WMP 5 - I R Thermometer

WMP 6 - Hand Sanitiser

WMP 7A - Rapid Testing Kit



FREE Shipping & Logistics of PPEs

FREE Shipping & Logistics of PPEs

About Graphitto Labs

 Graphitto Lab’s Mission is to accelerate OPENING ECONOMY by smart sourcing and prompt delivering of PPE products that are AVAILABLE APPROPRIATE and APPROVED for fighting coronavirus pandemic. 

Graphitto Labs Vision is to accelerate Global Resilience Fighting Epidemics via developing and devising products we call Weapons of Mass Protection. We Follow LEED WELL UN SDGs  Circular Economy Principles

Inviting YOU to Join hands furthering UN SDGs 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

We Are Equal Opportunity Employers

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Graphitto Labs Private Limited and its subsidiaries make no warranties or claims, either explicit or implicit, regarding the use of any of the “Product” for 100% complete protection against any airborne viruses or other pathogens. The Products are sourced and supplied as per the certificates and compliances of the respective manufacturers. The certifications by the manufacturer does not in any way substitute for proper hygiene practices, personal health habits, or other forms of exposure risks. Furthermore, Graphitto Labs and its promoters shall in no way whatsoever be liable for the merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, misuse, unforeseen adverse effects, safety, reliability, durability and performance of the product. Use of the Product by a purchaser is at the purchaser’s own risk and responsibility.